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***I've been having issues logging into my account here, so if you want to talk to me about a shoot, please use my email ( - professional inquiries only.) I still appreciate comments on my page and pictures, I just can't get to them regularly. Thank you!***

When my mother asked me (years upon years ago) why I wanted to be an actress, my response was simple: "It's boring being Amy all the time." Acting provides for me the opportunities to portray someone other than who I am on a regular basis. I'm eager to get a modeling career rolling and portray many different "characters" in front of the camera. I'm most interested in anything unique, oddball, artistic, and exotic - I'll do Glamour, but I'm more than a lifeless, pretty mannekin!

Notes of Interest:
~ 5.5 years of belly dancing experience - I have a cabaret-style costume (as opposed to tribal)
~ ballet and American-style ballroom dance experience
~ I've been taking kickboxing classes and would like to do a sports-themed shoot sometime
~ I have experience with poi, a form of juggling, which can be lighted with glo-sticks or attached to foxtails
~ I have other ideas (not listed) of what I would like to have in my portfolio - please contact me for details

When it comes to business:
To be blatant, I'm not perfect and I require photo-editing. Had I the knowledge and technology to do it myself, we'd have a different situation. A fellow model once said about her vision as a model (something to the effect of), "I want the pictures to portray me as if I were perfect." I have many "beauty marks" on my face and body that I don't mind keeping to acknowledge my individuality - comes with the German blood smile - so basically, if you can't return a photo to me that hasn't evened out my skin tone and zapped a few pimples, I'm not interested in your work.

My rates are negotiable for paid shoots and any TFP/CD gigs I expect contribution to travel and, if necessarily, lodging expenses.

For the racier shoots, it's all about concept as to whether or not I will take them. Lingerie and implied nude are paid, and I will wear pasties and a thong. NO NUDES! No gold leaves, no bodypainting, no artistic, no tasteful, no whatever else you try to tell me is "implied" if it still displays the silhouette of a ripe nipple. Don't bother asking, not before the shoot nor during.

Please expect to schedule something 2 weeks in advance so that we can both prepare properly for the shoot.

Want to see more?:
~ Deviant Art
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~ Model Launch
~ Model Mayhem

P.S. Please read my profile before contacting me for a project: I've written it all out her so that I don't have to repeat myself multiple times. I personally think if you read my profile prior to talking about a shoot, we can quickly and efficiently get to the important details and thus have a clear picture of what we really want out of the collaboration. THANK YOU!!